Lip Balm #6

  • You will undoubtedly fall head over heels in love with this velvety lip balm. A cushy treat for your lips, this creation combines luscious cocoa butter, hydrating honey, and repairing beeswax! Our recommendation – pick a favorite and buy in bulk!

#6 (Coffee + Orange) - The coffee infused oil in this rich lip balm is a powerful anti-inflammatory and carries the earthy scent of beans grown and picked in sunshine and roasted locally. The orange is expressed in Cyprus for its fresh scent and anti inflammatory, anti-septic healing properties.  

#7 (Vanilla + Lavender) – This lip balm infuses nourishing base ingredients with two essential oils - locally grown Sussex Lavender for its herby, floral scent and Madagascan vanilla for the comfort of its delicious, familiar scent. 

#9 (Myrrh + Rose Geranium) – This lip balm combines myrrh for its ability to promote tissue repair, reduce wrinkles, and provide balance to the fresh presence of locally grown Rose Geranium, full of antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti bacterial properties.

Please note that the items pictured are sold separately.