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by Grace Gordon April 22, 2018

It's at this time of year that daydreaming of long summer days and balmy candlelit nights becomes something of a full-time hobby for me and the team. Aside from planning that holiday you have (or haven't yet) booked, one sure fire way to get the most from the season is to plan a Summer Party. 

Here are my top 5 tips for decorating like a pro. 

1. Think Foliage, not just Florals

Flowers can be expensive so as much as we'd all love huge bunches of cascading blooms to grace our dinner tables, sometimes a little foraging goes a long way. It adds a beautifully relaxed feel to a table or room and you can help tie in your surroundings by using seasonal plants. 

2. Layer - Use personalised menus for thoughtful place settings

It's always the little extras which really push decoration to the next level. They don't have to be difficult or time consuming but by personalising a few elements of your party it'll feel all the more special. I love these little menus and brown paper bags, to offset the minimal setting. 

3. Textures & Comfort

I always find that the trick to a great party is really considering your guests needs right the way through the day. Standing with cocktails and enjoying the sunshine is all good and well for a while but come dusk you'll want to get a little comfier and indulge in good conversation. Cushions and throws add a gorgeously relaxed feel to a party. 

4. Lighting

This is my personal favourite and works so well to elevate an event. Be it with lanterns, festoon lights or candles make sure you add a pop of light to your decor. As well as creating interest it makes an outdoor space feel dressed and never fails to keep people outdoors until the early hours. Strategically placed they also help to define a space and encourage people to gather. 

5. Brighten up your offering with edible florals & fresh fruits

Spring and summer always feel like the seasons of abundance. Everything comes to life and colour emerges from every crevice. To reflect this on the table I love adding edible florals and fresh fruit to anything and everything. You don't have to spend an age on being pernickety, just buy a cake from the supermarket and adorn it with a plentiful selection of summer berries, crush some mint leaves and add them to your cocktails or tie little florals at the base of balloons. Nothing has to be wasteful - I take my pots and herbs from the garden and use them as decor if I can't pop out. 


Grace Gordon
Grace Gordon


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