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by Grace Gordon October 22, 2017


I was in a conversation recently in which I was asked why I choose to use animal hides to produce our goods. In today’s climate we, the makers, are increasingly asked questions about how and why we do what we do. I personally believe it’s a crucial development in the evolution of the retail industry and am only too happy to go into detail about our pieces.

It’s labour intensive and expensive to use such high quality materials as we do. The leathers are always a by-product, we don’t and won’t, use any product harvested only for use in fashion. To me it’s a respect for the animal which drives our desire to make beautiful pieces and use their hides to create something useful and long-lasting.

Our Autumn favourites, the Sheepskin Mittens, are a perfect example of how absolute passion for a product results in the most beautiful pieces.

The workshop which makes our mittens was first established in 1986. They’re a small family-run business creating products in their 200 year old farmyard workshop near Glastonbury, in the English county of Somerset. All of their products are crafted completely by hand from the cutting of the fleece to stitching up the labelling. Just as I mentioned in my Cashmere Blogpost, our workshop are dedicated to employing local craftspeople so that the traditional methods they use don’t die out in years to come.

Once you try a pair of truly luxurious sheepskin gloves, the advantages speak for themselves. We believe in bringing the benefits of sheepskin to everyone, there are so many faux fur options in the market which can be very confusing. We use whole fleece whilst most other gloves and mittens are only lined with sheepskin. Real sheepskin has so many amazing properties which are hard to beat. The density of the fur gives a cushion which remains soft and supple and it regulates temperature keeping your hands snuggly and warm.  

As mentioned earlier we only use sheepskins which are a by-product of the meat industry, hides that would otherwise go to waste, and turn them into beautiful sheepskin products which are wonderfully warm and luxurious. Over the last few years the workshop has paid particular attention to becoming more and more environmentally friendly too, with ethical employment policies and use of natural, biodegradable materials. Even sheepskin offcuts are sold for craft projects and the team recycle as much as possible.

If you often read the blog you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the colder evenings and fire-lit pubs so it’ll come as no surprise that I absolutely love all things warm and cosy too. The best thing about these is that they're truly luxurious, with a wonderful story and all at an affordable pricepoint. Take it from me you'll be wearing them right through to Spring so either make sure you buy yourself a pair (and I strongly recommend you do) or they'll make the perfect Christmas gift for a special someone. Yes I know, we’re still in October but the festive season is approaching and in the interest of being super organised I thought I’d kick off the wishlist!

Take a look at our mittens in a little more detail by clicking below. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. 


Grace Gordon
Grace Gordon


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