Cleo Goossens x Grace Gordon

by Grace Gordon February 02, 2017

Photographer Cleo Goossens took our Emma Backpack to the beautiful cliffs of Étretat in northern France and shot a whole host of beautiful images. 

With her trusty sidekick (I know, I want him too) she captured both the bag and the stunning scenery to beautiful effect. Cleo caught my eye a long time ago. Her photography is often so stripped back and minimal that you wonder how on earth she's managed to capture so much atmosphere in one still image. 

There's something about raw materials too which mean that by default they seem to merge into the natural environment seamlessly. So the Emma Backpack, in all her nude glory, couldn't look more at home. 

As I mentioned on Instagram this week, since moving near the sea and close to the likes of Beachy head and Seven Sisters I've felt more at home than ever in this type of landscape. It feels inspiring and relaxing all at once. 

To take a look at more of Cleo's work just scroll down and click on the links below. 

Enjoy! x

Backpack / The Emma Bag
Location /  Étretat

Grace Gordon
Grace Gordon


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