Pinspiration: Hats

by Grace Gordon July 27, 2015

 We're always promoting the idea of less is more; the notion that curating a simple wardrobe comprised of quality basics gives you the foundation for a perfectly styled look. 

Cue our Pinterest page. We pull together looks, ideas and inspirational imagery from lots of different categories. I'll be posting the best of the bunch here on our blog to show you our favourite items.

This week I'm focusing on hats. 

Hats can transform an outfit single-handedly. If you're not traditionally a 'hat person' never fear, there's something out there for everyone. This summer I've seen a huge trend towards really structured straw headgear and large felt sun hats. With a surge of young and innovative designers brands aren't just sticking to traditional styles either. 

Take a look at our moodboard to discover a range of designs to suit you & keep in touch with any suggestions to add!

Grace x



Grace Gordon
Grace Gordon


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