5 Easy Styles for Laid-Back Hair

by Grace Gordon May 01, 2016

When you're a fan of all things basic, knowing how to add style to your hair can be a challenge.  


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Past our adolescent years many of us have probably opted for the same bit-of-a-blow-dry or stick-it-in-a-pony failsafe methods of styling it out. When it comes to our bags, and the brand, we adhere to our tried and tested methodology; do less, well. 

Yes we do mean buy fewer things of higher quality but it's also a great lifestyle mantra which can, and should, be tapped into daily. Now hair isn't everything but it certainly adds to your overall look in a really significant way. Making sure you put a little effort into maintenance and styling can transform your outfit.  

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3. PLAITS AND BRAIDSGrace Gordon Hair Blog - Plaits and Braids

My number one fashion rule is stay true to yourself. Slightly philosophical but in basic terms, don't wear something which doesn't fit your personality and doesn't make you comfortable. Every item in your wardrobe should work towards making you look and feel better, not be vying for attention or pandering to trends. 

With that in mind I've gathered a variety of foolproof methods to add a little sophistication to your look this summer. There's one to suit all needs and for a greater variety of hair types and lengths just check out our Pinterest Board (link posted below). 

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Grace Gordon
Grace Gordon


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